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One sector of Versatec’s core competencies is Electronic Assembly Equipment. This sector was realized through the acquisition of all intellectual property and inventory of Contact Systems™ products.

Versatec has the capability and permission to manufacture new Contact Systems™ SMT and through hole equipment, namely the advanced C5 series SMT Pick and Place Machines and the ever popular CS-400E Semi-automatic Through Hole Insertion Machine featuring Cut & Clinch technology.

CS-400E with Rotary Bin C5 Series SMT Placement Machines
CS-400E Cut and Clinch Insertion Machine with Rotary Bin C5 Series SMT Placement Machine


Versatec remanufactured equipment is a great money-saving option in current economic conditionIn current economic conditions, Versatec is offering the customers a money-saving alternative to a new equipment. Remanufacturing is the most economical as well as the most ecologic way of having access to products that use the newest technology at affordable prices. Customer is receiving the same or even better machine for a fraction of the cost.

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Upgrades and Retrofits

We upgrade the existing machine to the latest hardware and software technology.

As technologies improve, some parts become obsolete, discontinued or hard-to-find. When an obsolete component fails, it may become necessary to replace it with a retrofit. Versatec has the experience and technical capabilities to design and install a retrofit to solve the obsolescence problem.
Retrofitting obsolete parts and assemblies can lower operating costs while providing newer technology, functionality and market value.

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Warranty and Service Plans

Versatec honors Contact Systems™ machine warranties and contractual service agreements and carries on the support of Contact Systems™ equipment with factory trained technicians and a knowledgeable work staff.

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Technical Support

Versatec is the only service center for repair of Contact Systems™ Through Hole and SMT equipment authorized by the manufacturer.

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Spare Parts Supply

Versatec maintains the spare parts stock levels for Contact Systems™.

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Versatec offers comprehensive training classes for Contact Systems™ equipment. Classes last three to four days, and cover all aspects of machine use including programming, operating, and maintenance.

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