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Certified Pre-Owned Equipment

Versatec offers a limited number of factory certified, pre-owned Through-Hole and SMT machines at tremendous savings. Each pre-owned machine is completely remanufactured to factory specifications and comes with the latest software and user manuals. The price also includes a full 90 day warranty on parts and labor. No used equipment dealer can match what we are able to offer at any price.

Customer's Through-Hole and SMT equipment remanufacturing.

Please contact us for the pricing.

If you are interested in trading in, or selling a Contact Systems machine, provide us with the model and serial number of your machine.

Please contact us for the pricing.

Cut and Clinch mechanism exchange program.

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Feeder remanufacturing and exchange.

Click here to see CS-400E Remanufacturing Process

Each pre-owned machine has been taken through a comprehensive remanufacturing process:

 All mechanical and electrical components are brought up to current revision.

 Placement Heads / Cut & Clinch units are completely rebuilt.

 Tool tips are replaced.

 Belts, pulleys, lead screws, and bearings are all checked for wear and replaced as required.

 All moving parts are cleaned and re-lubricated.

 Each machine is completely re-calibrated, tested, and cycled by factory technicians.

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