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The CS-400E Through Hole Component Cut & Clinch Insertion Machine

In 1983, Contact Systems delivered the first CS-400 Cut & Clinch Through-Hole Insertion Component Locator. Since then, thousands of CS-400 inserters have been installed in production lines throughout the world and are relied upon daily.

CS-400E is a semi-automatic insertion machine for radial, axial, and multi-leaded through-hole electronic components for PCB assembly.

The CS-400E insertion machine has proven to be an extremely durable and reliable machine.

Contact Systems CS-400E Cut Clinch Inserter with Rotary Bin component delivery system


Four CS-400E models with the various X- and Y-dimentions are available:

  • CS-400E
  • CS-400EJY
  • CS-400EJX
  • CS-400EXY

Versatec offers the new and remanufactured CS-400E Component Inserters, accessories, multiple component delivery solutions, training, spare part and customer support.

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The CS-400E Cut & Clinch Inserter Features

  • inward and outward clinching
  • miniature cutter footprint
  • quick and easy setup
  • rugged construction
  • extremely reliable operation
  • ergonomic design
  • Cut & Clinch mechanism allows the user to program the ideal lead length and clinch angle for each and every component.

The CS-400E Benefits

  • improved solderability
  • no component spillage or pop-up during wave soldering
  • simple lead forming
  • easier insertion
  • no post-solder lead trimming
Axial resistors inserted, cut and clinched by the CS-400E Cut & Clinch Inserter into PC boardResults for multi-leaded components as transistor and radial resistor after insertion, cut and clinch by the Contact Systems CS-400E Cut & Clinch Insertion machine

See examples of the results after CS-400E insertion component locator.

Accessories for CS-400E Component Locator

  • Component Delivery
  • Rotary Bin CS-201
  • Lighted Dip Dispenser CS-241
  • Lighted Parts Dispenser 400LPD
  • JIT BIN CS-740BD Dual Picker Systems
  • CS-400EV Component Verifier


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