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Spare Parts

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Spare Parts, Consumables and Accessories

During the Warranty period non-wearable parts are covered 100%. Without a supplemental plan, wearable parts, consumables and accessories are available at OEM list price. A substantial savings can be realized by partaking in one of the available service plans due to discounts provided on spares (wearable and non-wearable), consumables and accessories. The “Warranties and Service Plans” table shows what items are discounted under which plans.

Wearable vs. Non-Wearable Parts

Wearable parts are parts that are designed to wear under normal machine operation. These parts are not covered under Warranty. Nonwearable parts are effectively parts that are designed to last for the life of the machine and are covered under the standard and extended Warranty.

What are Consumables?

Consumables are items that are consumed (or worn) during the normal operation of the machine. Examples would be (but are not limited to) pick up nozzles, spindle screens and lubricants for the C5 series machines and cutters for the CS-400 cut and clinch machines.

What are Considered Accessories?

Accessories are items that are used in conjunction with the machine to enhance performance/reliability or extend the capabilities of the machine. For the C5 these items include but are not limited to the Extended Nozzle Kit, the Auto-Calibration Fixture, the Feeder Storage Cart and the Preventive Maintenance Kit.

Will I Get a Discount on Subsequent Feeder Orders If I Have a Service Contract?

Feeders are not considered “Accessories” and therefore do not have a flat discount associated with them. However, with any service contract the customer can obtain feeders at discounted rates using the “Preferred Customer Feeder Discount Schedule”. Non-contracted customers will be subject to OEM list pricing for all subsequent feeder orders.

Preferred Customer Feeder Discount Schedule

$0 - $10,000


$10,001 - $25,000


Over $25,000


Minimum Order Policy

The minimum order for spares, consumables and accessories is $250.

For contracted machines the minimum order is reduced to $50.

Warranty Shipping Policy

Versatec, LLC maintains a complete line of spare parts at the main facility. Most warranty items in stock can be shipped to the customer on the same day if an order is placed prior to 12:00 noon EST. All warranty orders for parts in stock taken after 12:00 noon EST will be ready for shipment in 24 hours. Some items on Versatec, LLC machinery are considered assemblies. In most cases these assemblies, when available, can be shipped same day if ordered before 12:00 noon EST. When assembly is required, Versatec, LLC will assemble and ship within 24 hours. Versatec, LLC warranty shipments are via UPS Ground at no charge. If the customer requests a different carrier, the customer is required to pay the freight charges. All international shipments will be billable. Defective parts replaced under warranty must be returned to Versatec, LLC within 14 working days. The customer will be billed for parts not returned.

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