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The C5 (First Generation) SMD Placement Machine

C5 SMT Machine


The C5 is the ideal placement machine for medium volume manufacturers, especially those with frequent job changeovers. Its high feeder capacity and fail-safe feeder mounting system gives you the option to load one job while another is running. Operating features that are built into the C5 make it one of the most productive machines in its price range.

  • Places all components from 0201 to 75mm square and 100mm x 50mm rectangular
  • 400mm x 460mm (15.7" x 18.1") placement area - 600mm x 460mm (23.6" x 18.1") optional without loss of feeder capacity
  • 100% vision centering for all components
  • Compact 39" x 86" (991mm x 2184mm) footprint
  • Linear motors require no maintenance....Ever!
  • Smart feeders for error free job changeover
  • Optional component traceability
  • Windows XP™ operating system
  • Color touch screen monitor, and wireless keyboard & mouse operator controls
  • Offline programming, component inventory, and production reports all accessible from central database
  • Access matrix trays without loss of feeder capacity

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