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The Contact 3 Series 3Z SMT Placement Machines


3Z 3Z SMT Machine Video Demo


The 3Z places a full range of components from small chips to large, fine pitch devices and BGA's. It features a vision and positioning system with the extreme accuracy required for ultra fine pitch placements, and the speed for medium to high volume production. The maximum placement rate of the Contact 3Z is 10,500 cph.

The 3Z has field proven features like the robust split axis design, and comprehensive software that have made the 3 Series one of the best values on the market, and the choice of hundreds of companies worldwide.


3Z Features:

Independent Dual Head Design

100% Vision Centering Touch

Screen Controls

Individual Tape Feeders

3Z Options:

TM10 Tray Module

Feeder Cart Board Transfer

Glue Dispenser

Strobe Frontlighting

Component Verifier


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