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Preventive Maintenance

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Preventive Maintenance Precision Tune-Up (PM/PT)

To assure trouble free and uninterrupted production, it is recommended that the machines undergo periodic scheduled PM/PT procedures by a Versatec FSE. The cost of these PM/PT visits is easily justifiable when compared to the cost of unscheduled down-time. A PM/PT visit should be scheduled with the Versatec Technical Services Department at least three weeks in advance. If during the visit the FSE should find a problem that prevents the PM/PT from being performed, the problem must be rectified in order to complete the process. If the repair of this defect should cause the FSE to be unable to complete the PM/PT in time allotted then the extra time required is billable at the appropriate service rate. If during the process the FSE should find a defect that does not inhibit the PM/PT the FSE will make recommendations for corrective action and schedule a return trip if necessary. If the customer is willing, the FSE can extend his visit to repair the issue.

What Transpires During a Typical PM/PT?

A brief listing of the PM/PT tasks includes a complete machine health check, a complete calibration, software upgrade (if applicable) and a full cleaning and lubrication of all moving parts. Although the FSE will normally have the basic consumables on hand, it is intended for the FSE to utilize the contents of the Preventive Maintenance Kit (C5 only) during the PM/PT visit. Please be sure the items in the kit are replaced as they are used to be sure that all facets of the PM/PT procedure can be performed. Items replaced during the PM/PT visit due to wear or defect are billable unless under Warranty.
Please consult Versatec, LLC Technical Services department for complete details of the preventive maintenance procedures for a particular model machine.

What is a PM/PT Token?

A PM/PT token is a prepaid visit by a Versatec FSE. The duration of the visit is dependent upon the type of machine and the number of machines to be serviced. The typical duration of a standard PM/PT for a CS-400 series cut and clinch machine is 3 hours. For a surface mount machine the PM/PT would be 3-5 hours depending on the machine model. Our scheduling efforts will be geared towards saving the customers money on travel expenses and per diem charges. It is in everyone’s best interest to synchronize our visits with surrounding customers so that the incurred costs (travel and per diem) can be shared by multiple customers. In cases where this is not possible and an overnight stay is inevitable then the FSE can spend more time at the customer sight than the PM/PT may require. During this time the FSE can provide additional services if required. These additional services might entail additional training, the repair of minor defects or simply to witness production and provide suggestions for operator and machine performance optimization.

What Other Costs will the Customer Incur During a PM/PT?

Besides the possibility of billable hours or parts to repair a machine during the PM/PT visit, it is the responsibility of the customer to cover the FSE’s travel expenses.

For details, see the “Per Diem” and “Other” sections of the “Service Rates for On-Site Service” table.

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