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JIT Bin (JIT Wall) CS-740B(D)  Component Storage & Delivery Systems

CS-740 Jit Bin component storage & dispensing system


CS-740B(D) is a component storage and dispensing system designed by Contact Systems. JIT Bin Contains 708 part bins, and also operates in sync with the CS-400E.

CS-740BD Dual Picker systems provides faster access time when supplying two CS-400E component insertion machines. Each component locator has access to 684 component boxes.


Parts inventories are maintained inside the CS-740BD Jit Bin, using plastic bins, arranged in an X-Y grid. A Picker, programmed in conjunction with the CS-400E Component Cut & Clinch Insertion machine, selects a bin and moves it to one of the two access windows on the front of the CS-740BD.

Jit Bib CS-740B access window

Boxes stored in “pigeon holes”. An XY picker is programmed  to pick up any box and bring it to one of the access windows at the front of the 740B. Behind each window is a unique slide mechanism which holds two boxes.

JIT bin CS-740 pickers


As soon as the operator finishes with one component type, the stand-by box is moved into the window position on receipt of the “next component type” signal from the component locator. At that time  the picker takes the first box away and relocates it in its “pigeon hole”. Then it gets the next box for placement into the stand-by position.
This unique queuing scheme ensures that the amount of waiting time is reduced to a minimum.

Bin loading:

to initially load the CS-740B, the operator opens the sliding doors gaining access to all 708 boxes in the rear. Replenishing components is normally done at one of the access windows on the front  side of the 740B. Inventory is monitored either by the operator or by a host computer.



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