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CS-400C/D/E Cutter Selection Guide

Inner cutters

There is only one inner cutter available for each Component Insertion machine, regardless of which outer cutter is used. The part numbers are:

For a CS-400C: 400-1035                      For a CS-400D and E: 400-1400

Outer cutters

They are three types of outer cutters:

  • Standard Cutters 400-1206
  • Minimum Bend Cutters 400-1036
  • Heavy Duty Cutters 400-1170

Unless otherwise requested, all machines are shipped with standard cutters.

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Standard Cutters Part Number 400-1206

Standard cutterThese cutters were designed to handle the widest range of applications. They perform well on densely populated boards. They can cut copper...

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Minimum Bend Cutters Part Number 400-1036

minimum bend cuttersThese low profile cutters are recommended only in situatons where lead diameters are less than .035" copper. They perform well on densely populated boards, and can achieve a below-board protrusion of .030" - .035" (.76mm - .89mm), depending upon lead diameter.

Heavy Duty Cutters Part Number 400-1170

heavy duty cutterHeavy Duty Cutters have a higher profile, and were designed for boards with a significant amount of large, or steel leaded devices (.025" maximum steel lead). These cutters have a slightly larger footprintthan the other two cutters, and produce a minimum lead protrusion of only .045" (1.1mm). Therefore, they are not recommended for densely populated boards.

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