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Component Delivery

Rotary Bin

Rotary Bin

The CS-201 Rotary Bin is a component delivery system that, when programmed with a Cut and Clinch machine, will run insequence with an assembly program. The Rotary Bin holds nine Component Trays. Each tray has ten numbered compartments. The Rotary Bin can hold up to ninety different components, and presents each component as it coincides with the assembly program.


The bin opening is conveniently located next to the board fixture. The operator picks up a quantity of parts with one hand and insets with the other.


Constant Height Pick-up Window

The CS-201 has a stationary pick-up window which presents the correct compartment to the operator at the same location every time. The operator does not waste time searching for, or reaching up or down to the proper tray.

Safety Light Curtain

Whenever the operator’s hand is in the pick-up window, the light curtain will prevent the bin from operating.

Electronic Control (Smart Bin)

The CS-201 utilizes a rotary encoder and a microprocessor to track each and every bin move. The number of the compartment in positionis is always displayed.

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