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Remanufacturing CS-400E Cut & Clinch Machine

CS-400E Machine Remanufacturing Process Overview  | 1. Machine Evaluation | 2. Machine Disassembly | 3. Rebuild Subassemblies | 4. Reassemble Machine | 5. Machine Calibration and Final Test  | 6. Preparation for Shipment | 7. Virtually New Machine at a Lower Cost

STEP 3:  Rebuild Subassemblies

3.1   Cut and Clinch Mechanism

The crux of the CS-400E machine is the cut and clinch mechanism.

All remanufactured machines will have totally rebuilt cut and clinch units.


Cs-400E cut and clinch mechanism disassembled Cs-400E cut and clinch mechanism disassembled

The mechanism is completely disassembled, cleaned, and lubricated. Worn parts including motors, cutter, and the like are replaced with new parts.

Remanufactured cut and clinch mechanism.

CS-400E cut & clinch mechanism after remanufacturing

The cut and clinch mechanism is reassembled to factory specifications.


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