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Remanufacturing CS-400E Cut & Clinch Machine

CS-400E Machine Remanufacturing Process Overview  | 1. Machine Evaluation | 2. Machine Disassembly | 3. Rebuild Subassemblies | 4. Reassemble Machine | 5. Machine Calibration and Final Test  | 6. Preparation for Shipment | 7. Virtually New Machine at a Lower Cost

STEP 5: Machine Calibration and Final Test

The next step is to complete mechanical assembly, machine calibration to factory specifications and standard Final Test procedure.

Standard Final Test includes:

  •  check over all wiring
  •  general appearance of machine
  •  test pin hights
  •  cutters test for isolation, capacitance
  •  setting the optical offset
  •  optical correction
  •  table and projectors
  •  cut and clinch mechanism test
  •  rotary bin test
  •  inputs and outputs for rotary bin CS-201, CS-740, LDD, jogstick, touchscreen, serial port, front panel, printer, RS-232 port
  •  miscelaneous: system configuration, cut and clinch counter, outlets
  •  finish procedure: cleaning up the hard drive, fill out all associated paperwork and make ready to machine to shipment
Final test for CS-400E Inserter as a part of  remanufacturing process

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