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Remanufacturing CS-400E Cut & Clinch Insertion Machine

CS-400E Machine Remanufacturing Process Overview  | 1. Machine Evaluation | 2. Machine Disassembly | 3. Rebuild Subassemblies | 4. Reassemble Machine | 5. Machine Calibration and Final Test  | 6. Preparation for Shipment | 7. Virtually New Machine at a Lower Cost

STEP 3: Rebuild Subassemblies

The subassemblies that are removed from the machine are disassembled down to the component level. The parts are thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Worn or damaged parts are replaced with new parts. The assemblies are rebuilt to factory specifications.

Some samples of the rebuilt assemblies are below.

3.1 Cut and Clinch Mechanism


3.2 Projector and Microscope Subassemblies


3.3 Work Fixture



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