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Versatec offers comprehensive training classes for Contact Systems™ equipment. Classes last three to four days, and cover all aspects of machine use including programming, operating, and maintenance.

Classes held in our Danbury, CT facility are free of charge to new equipment buyers, but are also available to customers at a reasonable cost, for training new employees, or as a refresher. Training at a customer's facility can also be arranged for an additional cost.

Supplemental Training

Often times people trained in the operation, programming and maintenance of this type of equipment “move on” and leave a partially trained subordinate to take over these tasks. Or perhaps you have purchased the machine second hand and are trying to learn the basic operating principles from a manual. Whatever the case may be, it is beneficial to both Versatec, LLC and our customers to be fully trained on our equipment. Therefore, most of the service plans offer discounted service rates for supplemental training. To see which plans offer this feature please refer to the Warranties and Service Plans  table.

In House Training Course Rates

CS-400E Training Course

C5 Series Training Course


Download CS-400E training course program in the pdf format

Download C5 Series training course program in the pdf format

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