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C5 Board Handling

FlexiFix Manual Board Mount System


Standard in the single beam models, the manual board mount fixture features edge clamping similar to the internal conveyor system and a generous underside clearance. A base plate allows for unrestricted magnetic board support placement. The fixture is easily pulled to the front of the machine to a convenient position for loading and unloading.

5IBC Internal Conveyor

Internal Conveyor

For in line systems an internal conveyor is available. The internal conveyor features full edge clamping, 40 mm underside clearance and a retractable base plate for unrestricted magnetic board support placement. The internal conveyor can be configured as fixed front or fixed rear rail and left to right or right to left board conveyance. For added convenience the conveyor has options for auto width adjust.


LBO Large Board Option

The large board option extends the maximum board size to 610mm x 460mm (24” x 18.1”) without reducing feeder capacity. Larger boards are built in two stages without operator intervention.


5IOC Input/Output Conveyor



The Input / Output Conveyors are stand alone conveyors designed to fit perfectly with the C5 series machines. Several boards can be placed on the input conveyor and automatically fed to the C5 machine freeing up the operator for other duties.

Input/ Output Conveyor

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