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Choice Of 4 Or 8 Spindle Heads With Independent Servo Controlled Z-Axis

4-Spindle Head

The single beam C5 machines can be equipped with either a 4 or 8 spindle head. All of the heads on the C5 Series are able to place the full range of components and each spindle is independently servo controlled in the Z-axis. The dual beam models come standard with 8-spindle heads.

8-Spindle Head

High Performance / High Reliability Gantry Design

The C5 Series uses linear motors and non-contact linear encoders on both the X- and Y-axis. Linear motors have no moving parts and thus are maintenance free and more reliable than ball screw or belt drive systems.Unlike these systems, linear motor direct drive systems will never develop backlash.

Linear Motor

30 Positions Automatic Nozzle Changer

nozzle Changer

The Automatic Nozzle Changer has ample capacity for a multitude of different nozzles to cover any and all jobs.

Low Cost Nozzles

Only 8 different nozzles are required to coverthe complete component range. Their low cost and long life contribute to the C5’s low cost of ownership.


Robust Component Centering with 100% Lead Inspection

Back Lighting

Back Lighting

Strobed LED Back Lighting provides a crisp silhouetted component image that is impervious to variations in lead reflectivity.

Back Lighting Screenshot

Machine Options

Status Light


The four color status light lets you know from a distance when the machine needs attention.

Touch Screen

Touch Screen

A friendly graphical user interface can be augmented with the addition of the touch screen option.

Front Lighting

Front Lighting

Add this option if you need to process bottom leaded components such as BGA’s and µBGA’s.


Front Lighting

The dark-field illumination system is ideal for bottom leaded components such as BGA's and μBGA's. The front lighting system also features 100% lead / ball inspection.


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