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Fair Warning for CS-400C and CS-400D users

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Versatec issues End-Of-Life warning for CS-400C and CS-400D machines and offers affordable and reliable solution.

CS-400E Features not found on CS-400C and CS-400D models

Touch screen monitor versus display in CS-400D

CS-400E Touch Screen Monitor

CS-400D Display 1.125 x 7.75 in

Keyboard built into armrest

CS-400E: Keyboard built in the armrest directly in front of the operator

CS-400D: Keyboard is on the right side from the operator

PC based

versus a proprietary embedded operating system in CS-400C and D models.

Floppy drive updated to 3.5"

versus obsoleted 5.25" floppy disk in CS-400C and D models.

Networkable (Server Solution)

The CS-400E Server Solution provides our customers the ability to create machine programming off-line and store them on a Windows 2003 Server centralized database for easy machine retrieval.



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Faster Microstepper Motors for higher through put


New Graphical User Interface Software Features

  Component Image Display

The purpose of this feature is to display to the operator an image that closely represents the component that is currently being inserted into the PC board. These images are generated from a selection available to the programmer who has control over body size, leg number, and body color.

  Display component properties

This option shows orientation, polarity, lead spacing, inward or outward clinch direction and values for each component

  Full Resume of last job

  Optically assisted digitizing

will facilitate the digitizing process as it eliminates the need to spend time jogging to the exact center of the hole.

  Configuration Menu to tailor functionality

This function will allow users to tailor their machine more closely to their production environment.

  Cut Clinch Counter for maintenance scheduling.

Keeps a running total of cuts of the machine.

  Indication Low Quantity / Shortages for all dispensers

  Graphical File Chooser

1. Intelligent directory search routine with continuous display updating.
2. Full help support available for both general and specific functions.
3. A user feedback box provides real-time status prompts to display available choices, warnings, errors, etc.
4. Prompt for overwriting of an existing program file.
5. Intelligent entry into the file chooser- upon being called-up, the file chooser will start in the path last stored on the ramchip.
6. Configurable interface which allows a supervisor to restrict access to certain functions within the file chooser.

  Part Numbers can be 40 characters (14 on D) up from 15

  Programmable lockout for Test and Program Modes

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