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Fair Warning for CS-400C and CS-400D users

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Versatec issues End-Of-Life warning for CS-400C and CS-400D machines and offers affordable and reliable solution.

Disaster-Proof Your Business


You need not have a flood, fire or earthquake to experience a real disaster.


A failed rotate motor on your CS-400D cut and clinch can have equal impact on your business.


Ask yourself how much your production truly relies on your equipment and what would happen if all of the sudden these machines were no longer at your disposal. I think you will agree that the result would be catastrophic to your business. Don’t be caught off guard! 


Versatec would be happy to talk to you about upgrading your CS-400C and D model machines to remanufactured CS-400E machines. Or contact us for an estimate to remanufacture your aging CS-400E.

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