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Fair Warning for CS-400C and CS-400D users

Background | A New Direction | The Versatec Commitment | Long Live the “E”!… (But not the C and D) | The Versatec Solution | Why Versatec? | Disaster-proof Your Business | List of Obsolete Parts | CS-400E versus CS-400D

Versatec issues End-Of-Life warning for CS-400C and CS-400D machines and offers affordable and reliable solution.

Long Live the “E”!… (But not the C and D)

There is a point in the life of any product where the cost to keep that product alive becomes no longer cost effective. We are at that point with the CS-400C and CS-400D now.

The cost to maintain this legacy equipment has risen sharply over the past few years. Spare parts are expensive and in some cases no longer available.

Although the CS-400E model has been in production for 20 years it is still considered a current product.

Thanks to the past efforts of Contact Systems engineers and now Versatec engineers, the machine has been updated numerous times over the years with many major retrofits providing CS-400E users an upgrade path even when obsolete components fail.




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