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Fair Warning for CS-400C and CS-400D users

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Versatec issues End-Of-Life warning for CS-400C and CS-400D machines and offers affordable and reliable solution.

The Versatec Solution: CS-400E Machine

The Versatec solution is a new or remanufactured CS-400E Cut & Clinch Component Locator.

To say an “E” is an “E” is a fallacy. You may see a CS-400E for sale on the Internet, but keep in mind that the CS-400E machine has been in production since 1993 and that many upgrades have been done over the yearsWhile we still have new CS-400E machines available, an increasingly popular choice of late is a “remanufactured” CS-400E machine.

The remanufactured machine is a virtually new machine at a significantly lower cost than new.

As a rule, all remanufactured machines from Versatec will have all of the latest upgrades in both hardware and software. Entire assemblies are removed from the machine and rebuilt to the documented OEM specifications.

CS-400E machine before...        ... and after remanufacturing

CS-400E inserter by Versatec

Computer before...                          ... and after remanufacturing

Cut & Clinch Mechanism before... ... and after remanufacturing

Remanufactured Cut & Clinch mechanism for CS-400E Inserter by Versatec


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