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Fair Warning for CS-400C and CS-400D users

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Versatec issues End-Of-Life warning for CS-400C and CS-400D machines and offers affordable and reliable solution.

Why Versatec?

These machines are our specialty as only Versatec has the means to completely rebuild older machines from the ground up using new and reconditioned OEM parts.  What we do is nothing like the “refurbishment” process offered by some who simply patch together a machine to get it “operational”. 

Click here to see our remanufacturing process.


A remanufactured machine from Versatec has many benefits:

  • One full year warranty on parts and labor
  • All of the latest upgrades/retrofits professionally installed
  • Machine rebuilt to stringent OEM standards following documented procedures using original tooling and fixturing
  • Complete set of operation, programming, maintenance and technical drawings manuals
  • One full year of Bronze Service Plan which includes:
        • Free technical support (telephone/email)
        • Discounted training
        • Discounted service rates
        • Discounted spare parts and consumables

While it is possible a machine may be able to be bought for less from other sources, history has shown that in most cases the customer will spend as much or more in the long run to keep the machine running.  Not to be overlooked is the fact that valuable production time can be lost due to machine breakages after the machine has been put into production. Unscheduled machine downtime can cause lost customers due to late deliveries.  This cannot be tolerated in today’s competitive business environment.



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